Eco-Tourism Destination: Sweden

By Evert Heijns | 22 July, 2023

You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the heart of Sweden, an unrivaled paradise for eco-tourism enthusiasts. With its pristine wilderness and vibrant culture, this Scandinavian wonderland offers unforgettable experiences that go beyond ordinary tourism.

From the traditional charm of Dalarna to the celestial dance at Aurora Sky Station; from exploring Värmland’s breathtaking landscapes to living off-grid at Kolarbyn, Sweden’s ‘most primitive hotel’; you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where nature reigns supreme.

Don’t miss out on Abisko National Park’s untouched beauty or Tiveden National Park’s mythical allure. Experience biodiversity like never before at Stora Karlsö Island Reserve and discover wildlife right outside Stockholm city with Stockholm Outback tours.

In this journey through Sweden’s eco-tourism destinations, you’ll not only witness Mother Nature at her best but also learn about sustainable practices shaping today’s travel landscape.

Hold tight as we delve into these exciting places!


Low-Impact Adventure Activities For Eco-Friendly Travel




You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairy tale when you visit Dalarna, the heart of Sweden’s folklore and traditions, where time seems to have stood still. This region is steeped in Sami culture with its vibrant arts and crafts scene. Explore the Falun mine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that tells tales of ancient miners.

Feel charmed by Mora clock’s intricate carvings and take home an iconic Dala horse as a souvenir. At Lake Siljan, experience tranquility while appreciating nature’s bounty. All these experiences are imbued with sustainable practices ensuring minimal disturb to the environment. The allure of Dalarna is irresistible for eco-tourists who crave authenticity wrapped in green tourism principles.

Next on your itinerary should be the mesmerizing Aurora Sky Station – a spectacle not to be missed!

Aurora Sky Station

Imagine gazing up at the night sky from the Aurora Sky Station, watching as colors dance and shimmer above in an awe-inspiring display of nature’s light show. This eco-tourism hotspot in Sweden offers a unique Northern lights experience like no other.

  • An unparalleled chance for celestial wonders observation
  • A perfect location for night sky photography with a striking backdrop
  • An exciting opportunity to learn about the science behind aurora viewing

The station is committed to sustainable practices, making sure your visit leaves minimal environmental impact while maximizing your appreciation for our planet’s grandeur. From here, you’ll truly understand why they call it ‘the greatest show on Earth’.

Now that you’re filled with wonderment by this experience, imagine what awaits you next in Värmland’s serene landscapes!


Värmland’s got an impressive statistic that’s bound to reel you in – it’s home to nearly 10,000 scenic lakes! This paradise offers a mix of wildlife spotting, outdoor activities, and eco-friendly accommodations that’ll make your green heart sing.

From kayaking on the mirror-like surfaces of its tranquil waters to hiking through lush forests, there are countless ways to immerse yourself in nature here. You won’t be giving up on comfort either; Värmland boasts numerous sustainable lodging options where you can rest easy knowing your stay is kind to the environment.

Don’t forget about the region’s rich cultural heritage too! It’s just as fascinating as its natural wonders.

Next, let’s explore another gem Sweden has tucked away in its treasure chest: Kolarbyn.


Stepping into Kolarbyn, you’re swept into an enchanting forest hideaway that’s a dream come true for nature enthusiasts. This unique accommodation offers a wilderness experience unlike any other, immersing you in the heart of Sweden’s lush landscapes.

As part of your sustainable living adventure, you’ll stay in rustic charcoal huts and heat your own sauna, embodying an authentic nature retreat. You’ll gather firewood, fetch water from the nearby spring, and even cook your meals over an open fire.

The outdoor adventures here are endless; hiking through dense forests teeming with wildlife and canoeing on serene lakes are only the beginning.

Kolarbyn is not just a destination but a lifestyle choice embracing sustainability at its core. Now imagine venturing further north to explore the wonders of Abisko National Park.

Abisko National Park

You’re going to love the magic of Abisko National Park, where celestial wonders meet earthly beauty. This eco-tourism gem offers a unique mix of experiences:

  • A thrilling snowshoeing adventure through frost-kissed forests and across frozen lakes.
  • Detailed guides on sustainable practices ensure you leave only footprints behind.
  • Unforgettable Northern Lights viewing beneath clear Arctic skies.
  • You become part of the efforts to reduce light pollution for this mesmerizing natural phenomenon.
  • An immersive Sami culture experience that lets you understand their deep connection with nature.
  • Engage in respectful tourism by learning about their traditions and supporting local communities.

With Arctic wildlife encounters and winter hiking trails filling your days, there’s never a dull moment. As you bid farewell to Abisko, anticipation bubbles within for your next destination: Tiveden National Park.

Tiveden National Park

Ready for the next adventure? Tiveden National Park won’t disappoint with its enchanting forests, mysterious caves, and crystal-clear lakes. This eco-tourism haven offers hiking trails that wind through lush greenery where you can spot diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s a paradise for nature photography enthusiasts.

You’ll find camping options nestled among towering trees, offering an immersive experience of the park’s night sounds and starry skies. The Visitor Center provides detailed maps and expert advice on how to tread lightly on this precious ecosystem while fully enjoying your visit.

As your journey continues, imagine shifting from forest tranquility to marine splendor. Just around the corner is Stora Karlsö Island Reserve, another Swedish gem waiting to impress you with its unique biodiversity.

Stora Karlsö Island Reserve

Imagine being greeted by a symphony of seabirds as you set foot on Stora Karlsö Island Reserve, an oasis of marine wonder, where nature’s magic is at its peak. This haven offers the most exquisite bird watching opportunities in Sweden. Guided nature hikes will take you through landscapes dotted with orchids and wild roses, offering unparalleled wildlife photography chances.

The island is also home to a historical lighthouse that stands as an emblem of marine conservation efforts over the years. As you tread softly on this fragile ecosystem, remember every step contributes to conserving this paradise for future generations.

Brace yourself for more eco-adventures as we delve into the wilderness next, exploring the pristine corners of Stockholm’s outback.

Stockholm Outback

As the hushed whispers of the forest call out, they’re inviting you into the uncharted terrains of Stockholm’s Outback, a place where every leaf holds a secret and every tree stands as a sentinel of time.

This is an eco-tourism destination that combines outdoor activities with nature conservation for an unforgettable wilderness experience.

  1. Wildlife encounters: Expect to meet roe deer, moose, or even rare bird species while exploring this vast wilderness.
  2. Outdoor activities: Hiking and canoeing are just some of the adventures awaiting you in this natural paradise.
  3. Sustainable tourism: Aiming for minimal impact on the environment, solar power is used for lighting and heating facilities in this area.
  4. Nature conservation: The preservation efforts ensure that Stockholm’s Outback remains untouched by human interference, allowing future generations to enjoy its pristine beauty.

Sweden’s Stockholm Outback offers captivating explorations while promoting sustainable tourism practices and wildlife protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the eco-friendly practices in place at these eco-tourism destinations in Sweden?

At these destinations, sustainable transportation reduces carbon footprints. Environmental education promotes awareness, while wildlife conservation and renewable energy use protect natural resources. Local community involvement ensures benefits extend to residents, further boosting sustainability.

What is the best time of year to visit these Swedish eco-tourism destinations for optimal weather conditions?

“To experience Swedish wildlife, cultural heritage, traditional cuisine and eco-friendly transportation at its best, visit between May and September. Enjoy sustainable shopping while benefiting from the country’s optimal weather conditions during this period.”

What are the costs associated with visiting these Swedish eco-tourism destinations?

Like a squirrel stashing acorns, proper budget planning is key. Costs include sustainable shopping for gear, eco travel insurance, carbon offsetting contributions, and green transportation. Each destination varies so thorough research is essential.

Are there any special travel considerations or restrictions in place for eco-tourists visiting Sweden?

When visiting Sweden, consider sustainable transportation to protect its biodiversity. Respect cultural preservation efforts and support local cuisine to reduce your carbon footprint. Be informed about restrictions and involve in community-led initiatives for a responsible visit.

What types of accommodations are available near these eco-tourism sites in Sweden that align with sustainable practices?

You’ll find green architecture-inspired hotels, floating hotels, rustic cabins and even an ice hotel. For more information go to Visit Sweden’s website.


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